Selasa, 27 Jun 2017

My love mom

Selamat hari raya, now at my hometown, seriously it hard to me handle my mom sickness, she always smile but the true is she scared if she no longer at this world, yes, she sickness it not serious, but every one week have 3 day she must go to dialysis. And after the dialysis she always complain about felling dizzy,and loss appetite. I know my mom always show she strong, but the true is 😢😢. I pray my mom always with me, i don't know how i must to do if my mom not longer with me. She my everything. Walaupun kami sering bergaduh tentang pekara yang remeh, tu lah yang membuatkan aku lebih sayang dkt dia.. 😘😚 love u mom

#kidneyproblem #stage4 #englishterabur

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